• We are generations of health care

    Seattle Vision Clinic is a full service vision care facility in Seattle’s International District. We’ve been here for as long as anyone will remember.

    Our practice specializes in vision for life. Through longitudinal care, we know how you see almost as well as you do. And we more often than not recognize potential concerns before patients even have symptoms. And we like it that way.

    We’re health care. But better.

  • Lina Titialii

    Handling such a large client base requires an abundance of energy. That’s Lina, the youngest member of the team and the one who can keep on the run the entire day.

    Since 2007 she has been integral in keeping our schedules running smoothly, making sure our patients’ visits are on target, and that the right information is in the right hands. And she loves our one-of-a-kind vintage frame collection. Sound like a party on wheels? Well that’s how she rolls.

  • Rose Lee

    Rose is as Seattle as the Space Needle, smoked salmon and rain. And she is as Seattle Vision Clinic as it gets. While she has much of her attention dedicated to assisting the doctors and staff in various ways, she also has her eye on our patients, and has come to know many of them and their stories.

    She’s been with us for nearly 15 years.

  • Gloria Chan

    If vision care is complex, then healthcare accounting is absolute rocket science. That’s where Gloria steps in and saves the day. She’s familiar with the ever-changing landscape of insurance and billing procedures.

    She’s also a baker, which is a claim to fame around the office. And since 2004, her understanding of Cantonese has improved greatly. Speaking it? That takes practice.

  • Pauline Leung

    Pauline is a major player where our office interfaces with patients. She’s part reception, part attaché, part liaison. She was born in Malaysia, and lived in Hong Kong before coming to Seattle. She’s seen a lot of culture, and that is what Seattle is all about.

    Pauline has been with us for more that 10 years, and is something of an expert on the local cuisine.

  • Corina Chin

    What language does our resident Romanian, Corina, speak with a Chinese patient? Spanish, of course. Funny story, and you should ask her about it. But first, Corina is a long way from her roots in Transylvania, Romania. Yes, it’s a real place with cars and trees and ATM machines.

    She is integral when handling business on the phones, as well as hands on with patients. She’s also a busy mom with their son, Ryan. And finally, what kind of degree does a vision care specialist have? A BA in business from the UW, naturally.

  • Eva

  • Dr. Greg Chin

    Greg has vision care in his veins, as a 3rd generation eye doctor and Seattle native. So like his father, and his father before him, Greg graduated from Oregon’s Pacific University, and established himself as a leader in Seattle vision care, and in the family business.

    He has been practicing medicine for over 15 years, and also stays busy as a lecturer, researcher and instructor. And if all that doesn’t keep him occupied, he’s integral in running the family business.

  • Dr. John Kikuchi

    John is not only a graduate of Pacific University College of Optometry, but 2001's recipient of its President's Award. He's not just on the Pacific University Alumni Association's Board of Directors, he's the executive officer. And the King County Optometric Society? He's its vice president.

    His speciality is pediatric vision care, disease pathology and helping patients see better with contact lenses.

    But to top it all off, he sees his mission to be a #1 dad to his two children.

  • Dr. Lund Chin

    Dr. Lund Chin’s legacy is strong with over 45 years in the eye care field.

    A 1966 O.D. graduate from Pacific University, he is also an army veteran as an optometrist, and has been active in various associations, including the American Optometric Association, Washington Optometric Association, King County Optometric Society and the Washington State Board of Optometry.

    As busy as he is at Seattle Vision Clinic, he is now juggling grandchildren from his two sons, who are both eye care professionals.

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