• Generations of you

    When our first patient walked through our doors over 60 years ago, we had no idea we’d be caring for their offspring into the following century. Who guesses that?

    We care for a wide range of people. And here are a few of them we’ve come to know pretty well.

  • Kwame

    “Greg’s grandpa use to clean my glasses as a kid because they were dirty. I was interrupting his fishing, so it was to get me from scaring the fish off. That’s pretty wise.”

    Kwame is a lifelong patient and friend of Seattle Vision Clinic. Over the years we’ve kept track of his vision through schools, sports, world travels, and career. We’ve kept his vision clear through changes in blood sugar and lifestyle, and worked with his general health practitioners to maintain an accurate over all health picture.

  • Cata

    “Sometimes I felt like I needed a completely different set of eyes for work, and then home life. I was surprised at the difference the right prescription could make.”

    Much of Cata’s day is spent in front of computer screens keeping IT systems running smoothly. That can entail high contrast artificial light, and of course reading blocks of numbers and text, which can strain eyes over long periods of time.

    Seattle Vision Clinic fit him with just the right eyeglass prescription and style, which gives him the clarity and comfort he needs as nature takes it course.

  • Anthony

    “Dr. Chin once pulled a sliver of metal from the top of my eye. It was a thorn-in-the-lion’s-paw moment. Now I’ll do whatever he says to guard my vision. Without sharp vision, I’m in serious trouble.”

    As a photographer and digital designer, Anthony pushes his eyes to their limits. Having had corrective vision surgery, it’s important to keep a close watch on his eye health, and with genetics including glaucoma and diabetes in his family, it’s even more important that Seattle Vision Clinic pays very close attention to the details.

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